Top 10 Most Expensive CryptoPunks

Wondering which are the most expensive CryptoPunks ever sold? Here is the answer.

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The prices of Larva Labs’ CryptoPunks are skyrocketing. Just a few days ago, a Punk was bought for a record-high price of 8,000 ETH or USD 23.7 million. Well, the sky’s the limit, as many would say. 

We cannot say which would be the next largest Punk deal in 2022 but we can tell you more about the ten most expensive CryptoPunks ever sold:


The rare CryptoPunk sold for 8,000 ETH (USD 23.7 million) on February 12, making it the highest-selling CryptoPunk to date. Five years ago, the NFT was bought for only 8 ETH. CryptoPunk #5822’s newest owner is Deepal Thapliyal – the CEO of the blockchain tech startup Chain. He is an avid NFT collector and in January 2022, spent USD 5.8 million on a rare Mutant Ape Yacht Club serum.

The Punk is currently not listed for sale.


CryptoPunk #4156 sold for 2,500 ETH in December 2021. The anonymous previous owner of the NFT was a popular NFT influencer and investor known as Punk4156 on Twitter. The sale, however, was not financially driven. Rather, it was largely provoked by the underlying issues with Larva Labs’ copyright policies.

Larva Labs adopted the NFT License for CryptoPunks and Autoglyphs in 2019. In line with it, the purchase of an NFT involves no transfer of IP, copyright, or trademark to Punk owners. The license, however, allows owners to commercialize merch of their NFTs for up to USD 100,000 a year.

The Punk is not for sale currently.


Cryptopunk NFT #5577 was sold in February 2022 for 2,501 ETH (about USD 7.7 million). The new owner of the Punk is the founder of Compound DeFi protocol, Robert Leshner. 

The Punk is not available for sale at the moment. 


In March 2021, CryptoPunk #3100 was bought for ETH 4,200 or USD 7,678,482 by an unknown investor. Currently, the NFT is offered for sale for ETH 35,000 (about USD 109 million).


CryptoPunk #7804 also sold for ETH 4,200, but at the time of the purchase, it was worth USD 7,555,044. The previous owner of the Punk was Dylan Field, the CEO of Figma, who used to call it “the digital Mona Lisa”. The new owner of the Punk art remains anonymous but goes by the name Peruggia on Twitter.

Punk #7804 is also not currently listed for sale.


At the end of July 2021, CryptoPunk #5217 was bought for 2,250 ETH or USD 5.5 million. The owner is unknown and the Punk is not up for sale now. 


CryptoPunk #8857 sold from ETH 2,000 (USD 6.63 million) on OpenSea in November 2021. The identity of the buyer remains unknown and the NFT is currently not for sale.


Zombie CryptoPunk #7252 was bought by Feng Bo, the founder of Meitu Cai Wensheng, for 1,600 ETH (USD 5.3 million). The transaction happened in August 2021, only 20 days after an unknown investor got the Punk for 1,000 ETH or USD 2.5 million at that time. 

The NFT is not listed for sale at the moment.


CryptoPunk #2140, one of the 24 Ape Punks, was bought by media mogul Gary Vaynerchuk in July 2021. Vaynerchuk paid ETH 1,600 (close to USD 3.7 million) for the NFT. Currently, he is not selling his Punk. 


The 10th most expensive CryptoPunk ever sold is Punk #2338, which was bought for 1,500 ETH (about USD 4.4 million) in June 2021. The owner of the NFT is unknown and currently he or she is not selling it. 


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