What are SBTs?

According to Ethereum’s founder, Vitalik Buterin, SBTs are the “future of Ethereum.” But what does this technology mean?

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Metaverse technology

Companies In The Metaverse: The Giants

The rush that will engineer our future in the Metaverse has already started. The big companies are racing but which who will be the first to get to a billion customers!

LVMH metaverse

LVMH Will Not Sell Virtual Sneakers for 10 Euros

When Bernard Arnault announced LVMH’s worthy of envy 2021 financial results, he didn’t miss the opportunity to become part of the hype called metaverse. Check out what he thinks about the opportunities of this new virtual world.


Companies In The Metaverse: The Innovators

The metaverse innovators do not want to fix our gaming. They want to bring efficiency to businesses. Moreover, the companies in the field are ready to discover the new rules for social interaction.


NIKE Enters The Metaverse

NIKE acquired RTFKT – a company aiming to bring streetwear and limited-edition drops to the digital world. What does this mean for the largest seller of physical sportswear?

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